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FALL 2023 online classes

Young STEAMers is an approved vendor in multiple schools. Click HERE for the list of school.


Biology Reimagined

Oct 24 - Nov 30

Microbes and Food Chain 

Ages - 5-9

10  lessons of 45 min lessons 

Meet 2 times /week Tue and Thu 11:00 am - 11:45 am PST



To Infinity and Beyond

Oct 24 - Nov 30


Ages 5-9

10 lessons of  45 min each

Meet 2 times /week Tue and Thu 9:00 am - 9:45 am PST


STEAM education

STEAM Education

Young STEAMers program is based on a unique STEAM enrichment program The Art in Science that was developed to instill a love of science in young kids.


The Biological Science Curriculum Study (BSCS), a team led by Principal Investigator Dr. Rodger Bybee, developed the instructional model for constructivism, called the "Five Es" in 1987.

Our program incorporate the 5E instructional model to help build a solid base of knowledge via active engagement:


ENGAGE - every lesson starts with an interesting introduction by our instructors that is built to pique interest and make connections between the current lesson adn past knowledge setting the ground for the new activity.

EXPLORE - in this pat of the lesson, the students are involved in the hands-on activity (or activities). They have the opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm and explore, while the instructor provides the materials and guidance. 

EXPLAIN - after the activity the instructor will lead a discussion about the activity and allow the students to verbally communicate what they did and ask questions. New vocabulary is introduced and repeated.

ELABORATE - allow the students to use their new acquired knowledge and make connections to past knowledge to achieve deeper understanding.

EVALUATE - this is an informal assessment done by the instructor throughout the lesson and as a recap at its end. Students are excited to show what they created and explain the science behind their creation (an art work , a toy, a game etc.).



In our Astronomy classes we will travel to far away places and discover the wonders of outer space. We will explore Our Solar System,  will venture To Infinity and Beyond, and will conclude why there is No Place Like Space.



Biology offers multiple classes to choose from. We will learn about animals and where there live, Plants and Ecosystems, will zoom in to see some microorganisms, will learn about our food, our body, Dinosaurs and more.


Computer Class

Intoduction to Computer Science and Python Coding

The course is designed to introduce students with no background experience to programming. Through hands-on exercises and projects, students will learn the basics of the Python programming language and the course will provide a fun and engaging way to learn the fundamental concepts of programming.
By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of how to write and run Python programs and create their own project.


In every chemistry lesson, we will study a new concept in one of the chemistry areas: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry. Subjects covered are absorption, chromatography, chemical reaction, state of matter, polarity, diffusion, and more.



Earth Science is an introduction to geology and Meteorology and will cover multiple topics and create fun, interesting (and even yummy) projects. volcanoes? earthquakes? the oceans? you name it - It's all there.




Love building things? Curious how things works? In our ENGINEERING serious, in every class we will build a fun machine and understand the science behind its function. We will design and build new and exciting structures and machines, we will learn how they work and have fun exploring (and playing) with our creations.



Want to learn about Forces and motions? Light, Sound, Gravity, Magnetism, and Newton's three laws of motion are just a few of the subjects we will cover in these classes.  With hands-on experiments we will discover the fun in Physics and answer questions from our natural world.


Our Program
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