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Want to learn about Forces and motions? Light, Sound, Gravity, Magnetism, and Newton's three laws of motion are just a few of the subjects we will cover in these classes.  With hands-on experiments we will discover the fun in Physics and answer questions from our natural world.

4 different sessions to choose from.

Lesson 1      Gravity and Air Resistance  

Lesson 2      Light

Lesson 3      Magnetism 

Lesson 4      Sound

Lesson 5      Newton's 3 laws of Motion

Lesson 1      Balance Forces   

Lesson 2      Friction  

Lesson 3      Electrical Circuits 

Lesson 4      Momentum  

Lesson 5      Buoyancy 

Lesson 1      Whirligig   

Lesson 2      Spin Art  

Lesson 3      Spin It! 

Lesson 4      Balance Bot  

Lesson 5      Hurdling and Domino Effect 

Lesson 1      Air Pressure   

Lesson 2      Balance Forces  

Lesson 3      Pom Pom Slingshot  

Lesson 4      Static Electricity  

Lesson 5      Temporary Magnets 

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