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Love building things? Curious how things works? In our ENGINEERING serious, in every class we will build a fun machine and understand the science behind its function. We will design and build new and exciting structures and machines, we will learn how they work and have fun exploring (and playing) with our creations.

3 different sessions to choose from:

Lesson 1      Towers   

Lesson 2      Bridges  

Lesson 3      Simple Machines  

Lesson 4      Zip Line  

Lesson 5      Foosball 

Lesson 1      Spectroscope   

Lesson 2      Pinhole Camera  

Lesson 3      Paddle Boat 

Lesson 4      Balloon Powered Car  

Lesson 5      Ball Bounce

Lesson 1      Play Ball   

Lesson 2      Dancing Puppets 

Lesson 3      Spinning Propeller  

Lesson 4      Balloon Rocket  

Lesson 5      Carousel 

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