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Is your child curious about volcanoes? earthquakes? the oceans? This is the class for them. In Earth Science we will learn geology, meteorology and oceanography,  and will cover multiple topics and create fun, interesting (and even yummy) projects.


3 different classes to choose from:

Lesson 1      Plate Tectonics   

Lesson 2      Earthquakes  

Lesson 3      Volcanoes  

Lesson 4      Soil Layers  

Lesson 5      The Rock Cycle 

Lesson 1      The Atmosphere  

Lesson 2      Wind Speed  

Lesson 3      Weather Instruments  

Lesson 4      Rain and Rainbows  

Lesson 5      Clouds 

Lesson 1      Layers of the Ocean   

Lesson 2      The Water Cycle 

Lesson 3      Water Erosion  

Lesson 4      Icebergs and Glaciers  

Lesson 5      Renewable energy 

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