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In every chemistry lesson, we will study a new concept in one of the chemistry areas: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry. We will perform an experiment that will end up being an artwork. Subjects covered are absorption, chromatography, chemical reaction, state of matter, polarity, diffusion, and more.


Different sessions to choose from:


Lesson 1      State of Matter  

Lesson 2      Absorption  

Lesson 3      Chromatography 

Lesson 4      Chemical Reaction  

Lesson 5      Oil and Water 


Lesson 1      Diffusion   

Lesson 2      Oobleck  

Lesson 3      Walking Water  

Lesson 4      Biochemistry 

Lesson 5      Atoms and Molecules 


Kitchen Chemistry

Lesson 1      Acids and Bases   

Lesson 2      Magic Milk 

Lesson 3      Iron for Breakfast  

Lesson 4      Making Butter  

Lesson 5      Lemon Volcano 

Blue Slime

Lesson 1      Corn Plastic   

Lesson 2      Squeaky Clean Pennies 

Lesson 3      Got Chalk?

Lesson 4      Soda Float 

Lesson 5      Ice Cream 


Intro to Chemistry (older kids)

Lesson 1      Organic Chemistry  

Lesson 2      Inorganic Chemistry  

Lesson 3      Biochemistry 

Lesson 4      Physical Chemistry 

Lesson 5      Inorganic/Physical Chemistry 

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