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Biology offers  different topics in life science:

MICROBES - Every lesson will be dedicated to a different group: Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa and Algae.

FOOD CHAIN - we will learn how organisms interact , discuss the relationship between producers, consumers and decomposes, and create our own food chain projects.

BIOMES - is an introduction to Ecology. In this class students will be exposed to the different organism communities around the world and the relationship between plants, animals and the environment.

STEAMosaurus  In this new class we will study about the different dinosaurs, their anatomy, fossils and history of these fascinating extinct animals

ANIMAL KINGDOM - every class will focus on a different group if the animal kingdom. We will start with invertebrates and study insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


WHTA"S FOR DINNER (into to nutrition)
UNDER THE SEA (marine biology)

A DAY ON THE FARM (agriculture and farming)


Lesson 1      Viruses   

Lesson 2      Bacteria  

Lesson 3      Fungi  

Lesson 4      Protozoa  

Lesson 5      Algae 

Food Chain

Food Chain

Lesson 1      Producers   

Lesson 2      Primary Consumers  

Lesson 3      Secondary Consumers  

Lesson 4      Tertiary Consumers  

Lesson 5      Decomposers 


Lesson 1      Desert  

Lesson 2      Coral Reef 

Lesson 3      Tropical Rainforest  

Lesson 4      Antarctica 

Lesson 5      The Galapagos Islands 

Lesson 1      Intro to Dinosaurs   

Lesson 2      Build a Dino  

Lesson 3      Fossils and Bones  

Lesson 4      Dinatomy 

Lesson 5      Dinosaurs Types 

Playing with Animals

Lesson 1      Invertebrates   

Lesson 2      Fish  

Lesson 3      Amphibians  

Lesson 4      Reptiles 

Lesson 5      Birds 

Lesson 6      Mammals

Plants Life (older kids)

Lesson 1      Plant's Anatomy 

Lesson 2      Plant cell  

Lesson 3      Sunflower life cycle 

Lesson 4      Water Flow  

Lesson 5      Flower power (potato battery) 

Lesson 1      Brain Structure    

Lesson 2      Nervous System 

Lesson 3      Robotic Hand

Lesson 4      Senses - Vision 

Lesson 5      Senses - Smell and Taste

Lesson 1      Heart  

Lesson 2      Blood  

Lesson 3      Lungs

Lesson 4      The Spine 

Lesson 5      The Skin

Lesson 1      Intro to Nutrition   

Lesson 2      Proteins and Carbohydrates  

Lesson 3      Fats (potato chips day)  

Lesson 4      Iron for Breakfast (Minerals)  

Lesson 5      If you have lemons (Vitamins)

Lesson 1      How do fish breathe underwater   

Lesson 2      Octopus's garden  

Lesson 3      Great White Shark  

Lesson 4      Tide Pools  

Lesson 5      Algae and Oxygen

A Day on the Farm (agriculture and farming)

Lesson 1      Crops   

Lesson 2      Farm Machines  

Lesson 3      Dairy (butter) 

Lesson 4      Poultry   

Lesson 5      Beekeeping  

Lesson 6      Horses 


Molecular Biology (older kids)

Lesson 1      Atoms and Molecules   

Lesson 2      DNA and genes  

Lesson 3      RNA and Proteins

Lesson 4      Cell Division  

Lesson 5      Genes and genetics 

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