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Empower youth from under-sourced, under-served and at-risk families  with the knowledge and skills in STEAM, providing equal opportunities and opening doors to successful futures, through innovative and inclusive educational programs



Education in general, and STEAM in particular, is the gateway to children’s futures. But for some, this gateway is not accessible or inclusive, it does not meet their needs, and can have a long term negative impact on their future.

Young STEAMers dream is to bring our unique STEAM program to every young child from at-risk, underserved, underprivileged family. Our passionate instructors not only teach but are also role models that help kids realize their dreams and maximize their potential.



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Welcome to Young Steamers, the non-profit organization that provides STEAM education to young learners. We believe that creativity and innovation can be sparked by science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths (STEAM). Join us in our mission to open up opportunities for children to learn, grow, and succeed.

STEAM for All kids

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