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  • Jovina Zion Pradeep

World Environment Day: Land Restoration & Desertification

By Jovina Zion Pradeep

World Environment Day is a global event held annually by the United Nations Environment Programme to encourage public outreach for the environment. Observed internationally on June 5 every year since 1973, the event is being hosted by Saudi Arabia in 2024. According to the United Nations, annual greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by half to keep global warming of Earth’s surface below 1.5 degrees Celsius during the 21st century; this makes it imperative for us to take action to protect our natural environment. 

This year’s theme for World Environment Day includes restoring land, preventing droughts and ending desertification. We can take action on these issues in our local communities in the following ways: 

Land Restoration: Plant trees and begin a garden in your backyard. Apply organic manures and mineral fertilizers to home gardens. The planting of trees improves air quality and reduces the chances of soil erosion. 

Sustainable Agriculture Practices: Crop rotation protects soil fertility. Water retention of the soil can be increased by the construction of retention ditches and cut-off drains. 

Preventing Deforestation: By substituting disposable products for reusable ones when possible, utilizing wood products, and eating food sustainably grown, we can do our part to help protect forests. 

Halting Pollution: Pollution can be decreased by creating proper facilities for landfills, recycling and waste disposal facilities locally. Initiatives to educate the public on the consequences of pollution, be it in the water, air or noise, can protect species in nature. 

Taking action to protect the environment and address environmental challenges can contribute to preserving our natural surroundings in the future. 

Happy World Environment Day! 


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